Spain 2017 Mission Trip Blog Post 2

Our Spain team is doing well and soaking up our time here in the Basque Country.We have spent the last three days strategically praying for the issues specific to the Basque people.

On Monday we spent time in the two large Catholic cathedrals. These two buildings are beautiful and ornate, which attracts many tourists, but do not currently attract many worshippers. While in these Houses of Prayer, we prayed for reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Basque people, cooperation between the Catholic and Evangelical churches, as well as the removal of all idols/evil.

On Tuesday, we went to the two highest places in the city. From these points we could see into each of the neighborhoods that make up San Sebastián. Ian took the time to share some information about the areas and what, if any, evangelical presence was there. We spent time in specific prayer for each neighborhood.

On Wednesday, we travelled to the neighboring town of Tolosa. Here we met with a local evangelical pastor, Danny, who is working to reach the Basque people. He, like the Brou's, feels a huge burden for this unreached group. He is currently holding a weekly Bible study in the Basque language for people who our interested in learning more. Please be praying for Lourdes and Begonia who have attended for the past two weeks. The team really enjoyed hearing his heart and praying for his church. 

As we finish out the week, we will be praying during the Dia de San Juan.  This is a traditional Basque celebration, turned Catholic, of the summer solstice. The festivities begin Friday night and continue on Saturday. We ask that you join us in praying for God's hand on this region and open hearts of this people group.  To learn more about this area of Northern Spain and Southern France, check out  

Spain 2017 Mission Trip Blog Post 1

Good Morning! We have had a wonderful first few days in San Sebastián, Spain. We were greeted warmly by the Brou family and settled into our apartment. 

On Saturday, we spent most of the day with Ian and Katie learning more about this part of Spain. Ian and Katie are working with the Basque people in northern Spain. This people group is one of the oldest in Europe. They have a strong sense of pride in their culture. Ian shared with us his strategy for reaching the Basque people, which is currently an unreached people group. Because of this people's history, there are enormous barriers to the gospel, so Ian's first strategy is to specifically pray for the people. His desire is that we pray against the enemy's stronghold and to pray that the Lord would reveal Himself and begin a radical revival in this people. 

On Sunday, we were able to attend a local evangelical church with the Brou's. The church is mostly comprised of immigrant families who were believers before moving to the Basque region. Ian and Katie are hoping and praying that more Basque people will be reached and become a part of a local body of believers. In the afternoon, we met with another international worker who has been working in this region for nearly 20 years. We continued to learn more about the history and the spiritual warfare that believers experience.

After the past two days, we feel equipped to begin our work of specific, strategic prayer throughout the city. Please join us in praying for the Basque people. Pray that their hearts would be open to the gospel and that all barriers will be torn down.