Partner Churches

PCBC is proud to support several partner churches that can reach different cultural and language groups in our community with the good news about Jesus Christ.


Worship: 4:00pm in the Upper Room

Pastor Jerry Zapata leads the Hispanic community in Worship and fellowship on Sundays at 4:00 PM in the Upper Room above the Fellowship Hall. Contact Pastor Zapata at or phone number 864.275.7038 for more information.


Life Groups: 9:30am

Worship: 11:00am in the Upper Room

Please click here for more information about the Peachtree Corners Baptist Church Japanese Mission and what it is doing for our Japanese community.  You can contact Pastor Hiro Sakamaki  at phone number 770.582.2449 or email


Life Groups: 11:00am in the Upper Room

Worship: 9:30am

Welcome to a Korean Church that has love, dreams and builds good relationships through knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ! For more information, please contact Pastor Joe Kwon at