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Week 1: Devotion

What a special time to study Scripture together! As you begin, have someone pray over your family, your ability to speak honestly with one another, and to hear clearly from God’s Word. Then, open your Bible to Luke 19.

Without pointing fingers, is there someone in your family you would describe as messy?

What about a “neat-freak”? Is there anyone who likes to keep things clean and organized? If yes, ask this person why they like your home to be in order.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “there’s a place for everything; everything has its place.” When things get out of order, when messes are left behind, it’s easy for your home to become chaotic. Have you ever been running late but can’t find your shoes because stuff just seems to be everywhere? Or tried to have your quiet time at the table with a computer, book, stack of mail, snacks, or dirty dishes (or all the above) staring at you while you try to focus? With so much clutter all around us, it’s easy to become distracted, isn’t it? The people in Jesus’ day were easily distracted, too.  Today, we’ll look at a few verses where Jesus shows us exactly how He feels about the clutter in our lives.

Read Luke 19:45-48.

What was Jesus upset about? Why?

The temple, a place to come and worship, was basically turned into a strip mall. People were buying and selling goods, negotiating, talking about fabrics and foods, everything except paying attention to the Word of God. The people in the temple were so distracted by all of these other things, Jesus knew God was not their priority. He had to clear out the market so that people could hear Him teach. And when they listened, verse 48 tells us, “the people were hanging on his words.” They couldn’t get enough!

Even though this event happened thousands of years ago, it still applies to us. This passage indicates a question of devotion. Who, or what, are we devoted to? If we look closely, the clutter in our life indicates our true priority. We are easily distracted by so many other things that we don’t prioritize worship and personal time with the Lord. But if we are most devoted to our relationship with Jesus, you can believe that we too would hang on every word He speaks!

Flip over to Deuteronomy 6:5.

What does God want from us?  

Can you love God with every part of you if something else gets the priority?

1 Corinthians 6:19 tell us that if we have asked Jesus into our heart by accepting Him as our personal Lord and Savior, then our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit! Our goal should be to love God with every part of our life. Because Jesus requires—and deserves— our full devotion.

Are you as devoted to Jesus as the other things that take up space in your life?

Name the clutter in your life that Jesus needs to clean out so that you can focus on Him.

How can your family help you get rid of the clutter in your life?

End this time by praying for one another.