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Week 2: Desire 

Begin by praying together as a family and opening your Bible to Luke 22. 

Sometimes we forget that the disciples were men just like us. Even though they walked so closely with Jesus, they still didn’t get everything right. In some ways, that’s encouraging to us! We can breathe a little easier when we remember that if Jesus didn’t surround Himself with perfect people while He was on earth, then He doesn’t expect me to be perfect either. 

In the passage we’re looking at tonight, we read as the disciples fell into a trap of comparison even without social media accounts to scroll through, trophies to earn, and corporate ladders to climb. As you take a glimpse into their lives, watch how easily their desire to please Jesus shifted into a desire to please themselves. This short conversation  reveals how desperately they wanted recognition and validation that they were great. 

Read Luke 22:24. 

Have you ever tried to be the best at something? If yes, in what area? 

Why do you want people to recognize you as great? 

The disciples appeared to have those same thoughts! The Bible says they began discussing which of them was the greatest. They wanted recognition, a gold medal, 1,000 likes...just in a different way. It makes us feel good to be praised and rewarded doesn’t it? But if we’re not careful, applause from other people becomes the the thing we desire most and we forget what’s really important. 

Find out what Jesus said in response to his friends by reading Luke 22:25-27. 

Jesus reminds the disciples—and us—that even though society praises those who have a prominent position in the world, are financially successful, are household names, or have many awards and accolades, a Christ-follower is different. Instead of constantly seeking to be the best, we should seek opportunities to serve. Jesus was our prime example of a servant and He—more than anyone—should have been treated with the highest amount of praise and respect. 

Read Philippians 2:3-7

According to this passage, how can you serve others? 

How is Jesus our example of a true servant? 

What is something you can do this week that shifts your focus from being great to being a servant? 

As you wrap up your time together, think about what you desire most. Is it fame, success, or validation from this world? Or do you desire to be like Jesus by serving those around you and considering others as more important? As you share your thoughts with your family, take time to memorize John 3:30. Let this verse remind you that your life should revolve around making the name of Jesus great, not your own. 

How can we make the name of Jesus great in our family?    

End your time together in prayer.