Judy Reamer

Great Expectations: Is your Bubble Bursting?
November 13 7-9 PM in the Upper Room
Tickets are available online and at the Kid's Welcome desk for $5.

PCBC Women’s Ministry is excited to have Judy Reamer, national and international speaker and humorist as our guest for a night of “Great Expectations: Is Your Bubble Bursting? For over 42 years, Judy has taught and testified several times on the “700 Club", TBN, “God’s Learning Channel”, “Focus on the Family” and Canadian television.

Come and hear Judy’s testimony of how the truth of the Messiah ended her search down the avenues of traditional Judaism and the occult. You will love hearing Judy’s humorous style as she joyfully shares the ways of God with unreserved frankness and simple practicality. Judy will also be sharing a Bible-based message which can change relationships of every kind.

What are the great expectations you have of people, your church, your job and other avenues in your life?
We are all prone to paths stemming from our expectations. Has your path led you from Disappointment to Disillusionment to Despair and then emotional Divorce? Maybe it was a real separation from a friend, a spouse, a church, a job or the like. Come and learn how our paths of expectations start small and then grow until one says, inwardly or outwardly, “I’m outta here!”

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