Life Groups | 9:30AM

20s-30s | Young Singles | Dru and Andrea Ferris | C 114-115

We are challenged by God’s Word each week, and expectantly watch the Lord work in all facets of our lives. In the mean time we have a lot of fun while we’re at it! Each week we dive into God’s Word to better understand Him. We plan plenty of outside-the-church activities.

20s | Young Married | Mike Law | D 303

Our life group is typically young couples, married less than five years.  Our main focus as a group is to develop closer relationships with other young couples as we strive to develop the fundamental core spiritual beliefs. We do this through discussion style around a table.  

20s-40s | Young Family | Vance Garrison | D 311

The Young Family Life Group consists of married couples in their 20’s and 30’s with and without children.  Central to our time together is studying and discussing God’s word in a supportive and affirming environment.  Our goals are to glorify God through marriages that are centered on Jesus Christ, impacting our families and others in our spheres of influence with the gospel, and praying for and serving our Church and community.   We provide opportunities in and out of the classroom to build relationships with one another as well as periodically engaging in smaller, more intimate discipleship groups.

30s-40s | Family Connection | Wallace Jones | C 126-127

The Family Connection is comprised of couples with kids ranging from elementary to middle school age. The group focuses on providing connections with each other and to Jesus through engaging Bible Study, exciting fellowship, and impactful outreach. We host social events to foster friendships among the adults as well as entire families.

30s-40s | Living Proof Class | Various Teachers | D 312

We are mostly couples with children in middle or high school and some have preschoolers. Teaching is rotated between four teachers with varying backgrounds and styles. We emphasize a period of sharing before each lesson. We also have various optional group gatherings every few months.

Life Groups | 11:00AM

30s-40s | Authentic Community | Jim Hughes | C 119

The Authentic Community Life Group is mostly married couples with young children, although singles and those married in different stages are more than welcome—we are a friendly group! The group enjoys lively discussion. The class starts with a joke of the week. 

45-65 | Koinonia Class | Keith Radousky | D 308

We have active Bible study, discussion, and application. We are a place to grow in your faith with adults of different ages, backgrounds, and stages of life. We have married, empty nesters, retired, single, women whose husbands do not ‘yet’ attend church, travelers, and stay at home. 

30s-60s | Star-lites | Dean Starovasnik | D 304

We have newborns and we have grandkids. We are empty nesters and PTSA members. We range in age from our 30s to the 60s. But different as we may be, we share the same passion for Jesus, for in depth study of His Word and for each other. 

45-55 | David Henderson/Tom Kearns | D 310

The Henderson/Kearns Life Group is a growing and active community of pre-empty nesters and empty nesters who gather each week for Biblical teaching with practical application. We engage in conversation and community events that enhance our spiritual journey and personal giftedness. 

50s-80s | Jerry Hackett | D 302

We have around 10-15 people in our class each week. We are a co-ed class ranging in age from middle 50’s to early 80’s, but anyone from any age is welcome. We enjoy studying the Bible, spending time together in class and out of class, and caring about each other. 

40s-70s | Faith and Fellowship | Jim Copeland | D 306

Faith and Fellowship is both couples and singles. Our objective is to grow together into spiritual maturity as believers in Jesus Christ. Our group enjoys getting together for fellowship several times a year in addition to sharing coffee and brunch snacks before class each Sunday. 

55+ | Butch Floyd | D Alcove

The Floyd, Bailey, Caudill class is a vibrant, caring, and loving class. We are mostly empty nesters. We try to have as much discussion as possible, and encourage our group to participate. We invite anyone that is looking for a warm and friendly place to study God’s Word meet with us.

60s-90s | Logos—Ron Gaynor | C Assembly

Ours is a coed group, made up of singles and marrieds. Our Bible lesson is introduced by the teacher; everyone is then encouraged to participate with questions and discussion. You will find a comfort level that demonstrates no generation gap and, the friendliest bunch you’ll ever want to be a part of. 

60+ | Upper Class - Sam Steinman | Fellowship Hall B

The Upper Class, led by Sam Steinman, encourages visitors to join us! Our group of about 30 people explores Bible-based teaching and fellowship. We foster a loving and caring atmosphere and continually pray for our nation, our community and individuals on a regular basis.

30s-80s | Ladies Blessing Class | Various Teachers | B 218

The Blessings Life Group is composed of women in a variety of ages and circumstances. We learn more about the Lord and each other every Sunday morning and are always happy to welcome new faces. There are four ladies who rotate teaching responsibilities so that attendees are able to experience a variety of teaching styles. 

20s-90s | Men’s Class | Harvey Snider / Forrest Jones | B 220

Our men range in age from late 20’s to the early 90’s. We enjoy one another’s company in a safe place where we explore God’s Word and help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

20s-90s | The Bridge | VARIOUS TEACHERS | D 303

The Bridge Life Group is for people who have experienced unexpected life turns and to offer encouragement, help, hope and healing.  We will provide a "bridge" to help people transition from their past to the incredible future God has for them. The group is for adults of all ages: people who are separated and divorced, single parents, single adults coming out of a long term relationship, and those who have recently lost a spouse.  The group meets in Room D-303 at 11:00am.