Men's Groups

As Men United, we are striving to know Christ and make Him known, all for the Glory of God.

With fellowship and fun, here are our 7 goals:

  • Increase men's pursuit and help men achieve greater oneness with their wife, and to be THE spiritual leader of their household.
  • Increase men's spiritual knowledge/wisdom base in practical day-to-day matters at work and at home.
  • Increase men's appetite for God's Words by being encouraged to hide them in their hearts/minds so they can actually live them out.
  • Help men to be more deliberate and intentional about sharing their faith with others.
  • Increase men's awareness and management of the time God has given them – we don't know when it will run out.
  • Develop deeper relationships with a band of Godly brothers who can be trusted and called upon at any time.
  • Develop positive Christian role models, first for our children, and then for our community.

Men's Group Times and Locations - Summer Schedule


Atlanta Bread Company•The Forum•7:00am

Tom Rice leads an ongoing group of men every Friday with discussions on sharing Christ, devotional life and prayer. For more information, contact Tom at

Yielded Men•J. Alexanders/redlands Restaurant•the forum•6:30-7:30am

Fred Wilson leads a topical discussion on issues men face. A topic is introduced and discussed at tables, followed by a wrap up. We seek to get God’s perspective and see how the Holy Spirit is working. This is an ongoing group that meets throughout the year. All men are welcome! For more information, contact Fred at

For more information, please contact the leader of each group, or contact Fred Wilson, Men's Ministry Leader, at